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Recording Locations


Theatr Gwynedd, Bangor

Parking Non-Stop played at Theatr Gwynedd, Bangor on Monday 1st March 2004. The event was entitled "New Word Order" and involved a further multi media collaboration with Ian Davidson, following on from the Holyhead event. The evening included individual and collaborative poetry from Ian Davidson and Zoë as well as Zoë and Ian's films, soundtracked by live and pre-recorded music and sound design from Parking Non-Stop. Before the performance, members of Parking Non-Stop mingled with the audience, recording their conversations. The resulting recordings were then used as an integral element of the performance.

Camden People's Theatre, London

In what seemed like a hectic touring schedule by their standards, Parking Non-Stop took part in the 6th Annual Sub Voicive Colloquium "Perhaps Trespass" at Camden People's Theatre in North London. They performed an extended version of the "New Word Order" suite they had put together for the Theatr Gwynedd show 2 weeks previously.

The afternoon performance again featured collaborative poetry from Ian Davidson and Zoë as well as Zoë and Ian's films with live and pre-recorded music and sound design from Parking Non-Stop. Much of the sound was generated or manipulated by Dewi and Alan using a Kaos Pad that Dewi bought just down the road from the venue half an hour before the performance and which neither member had ever used before going on stage.

Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin

Parking Non-Stop were invited by legendary Berlin experimentalists Einstürzende Neubauten to support them in Dublin on Sunday 4th April (the numerically significant 04/04/04). It was the first time either group had performed in Ireland.

College Of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Studies, Wrexham

A further performance of the New Word Order collaboration with Ian Davidson took place at the unlikely location of Wrexham's College of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Studies, much to the bemusement of a small audience expecting a sedate evening of poetry.

Zoë and Dewi in Dublin, 3rd April 2004

Zoë producing some Rural Industrial ® sounds at Porth Wen, 21st July 2004

The nautical winch in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll used by Parking Non-Stop on New Year's Day 2003 to generate the rhythm for Landscape Through Trees
(pictured 26th February 2004)

Porth Wen brickworks, Anglesey

In keeping with their Rural Industrial aesthetic, Parking Non-Stop celebrated Alan's birthday with a visit to the derelict brickworks on the remote northern coast of Anglesey, where they used various pieces of rusting machinery to generate some interesting sounds and rhythms.

Green Man Festival, Baskerville Hall, Hay-On-Wye

Alan and Zoë gave a live preview of the new Parking Non-Stop extended work Formula For A New City at the Green Man festival, near Hay-On-Wye. Dewi was unable to participate as he was performing Club Luz, his collaboration with performance artist Eddie Ladd elsewhere

Ars Poetica Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia

Parking Non-Stop performed at the Ars Poetica festival at Studio 12 in the Slovak capital where they were joined on stage by the noted Slovak actress Tana Pauhofova, who performed Slovak versions of Zoë's texts, as translated by the poet Martin Solotruk. Visual contributions were provided in the form of digital projections by the graphic artist Jan Sicko. Dewi was again unable to appear at the event due to a clashing performance of his Club Luz theatre work in Ljubljana, but made a virtual appearance via the wonders of modern technology

Domov Slovenskych Spisovatelov, Budmerice, Slovakia

Whilst in Slovakia for the festival, Alan & Zoë stayed at the Domov Slovenskych Spisovatelov, a converted hunting manor-house in the Lindava forest at Budmerice, given over to writers during the communist period. Whilst wandering through the extensive forest grounds, they chanced upon and recorded three woodpeckers performing an intricate rhythm, which was subsequently used as the basis of a Parking Non-Stop piece.

A collaborative work was also recorded with Austrian writer and electronic musician Lale Rodgarkia-Dara in her temporary recording studio, set up in the basement of the Domov.


Various city ambiences - traffic, construction work, bar conversations, airport announcements - were recorded during Alan & Zoë's brief stay in Vienna following the Ars Poetica festival.

Zoë outside the Domov Slovenskych Spisovatelov in Budmerice

Alan recording woodpeckers in the Lindava forest, Budmerice 2nd October 2004

Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead

Parking Non-Stop took part in the "A Taste Of Ethania" event at Holyhead's Ucheldre centre. Oddly, it was the third time they had appeared at the venue, despite very rarely appearing live.

Koffeehaus Sowohlalsauch, Kollwitzstrasse, Berlin

A third visit to the Prenzlauerburg bar where Parking Non-Stop met the Earl & Duke of Leitmoritz in 2000 yielded a recording of metallic clanks and traffic, courtesy of the gas cylinder delivery man. The Earl & Duke was nowhere to be found.

Shoe Shop, Torstrasse, Berlin

Zoë bought a new pair of shoes whilst visiting Berlin to participate in Einstürzende Neubauten's Grundstück event. The salesman's sales pitch was duly recorded.

Potsdammerplatz S-Bahn station, Berlin

The sounds of skateboarders resonating in the cavernous underground walkways of the new S-Bahn station in Potsdammerplatz was recorded.

Zo╬ outside the shoe shop in Torstrasse, Berlin where the "shoe shop man" recordings were made, 2nd November 2004

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