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Andy Wilson has been a prominant figure on the UK experimental music scene for three decades now. His pioneering work as Raudive Bunker Experiment in the early eighties has recently been reissued as a lavish box set. Since then he has worked as a member of Bourbonese Qualk and written the book Faust: Stretch Out Time and now records and performs his own music as both sunseastar and The Grand Erector. Andy provided Parking Non-Stop with some hydrophone recordings he had made at Portland Chesil beach in Dorset in July 2006, which were subsequently used in the PN-S track Crystalline on Species Corridor. In return, Parking Non-Stop gave Andy some of their field recordings, notably those made in the RAF bomb depot, Llanberis on the 9th February 2007 which he then treated and used on The Grand Erector's self titled debut LP, release in October 2008.

Andy Wilson is pictured here (left) recording the Saltstraumen in northern Norway, 8th July 2007.

Parking Non-Stop first met the Czech artist Matin Zet at the Ars Poetica festival in Bratislava in September/October 2004. Since then, their paths have crossed several times, travelling to his home in Lubišín to visit him and see his exhibition at Dul Mayrau coal mine in October 2006, collaborating live with him at Studio Rubin, Prague in May 2007 and meeting up again to film his public interventions in Newcastle upon Tyne in October 2007.


Zoë is pictured here (right) talking to Martin Zet in Newcastle, 27th October 2007


Alan and Zoë returned to perform again at the Ars Poetica festival in Bratislava, Slovakia in October 2009. On this occasion they were joined on stage at the A4 by the noted Slovak actress Lucia Rózsa Hurajová, who performed the Slovak versions of the texts, as translated by the poet Martin Solotruk..

Lucia Rózsa Hurajová is pictured (right) onstage at the Ars Poetica festival at A4, Bratislava 10th October 2009.


Zoë first encountered the Slovenian poet Gregor Podlogar at a translation conference in Scotland in August 2006 and was instantly taken with not only his writing but also his DJ skills, when he kept everyone up all night dancing to DFA remixes and drinking Jura whisky. Zoë and Alan were subsequently delighted to be invited to perform at the 2008 Dnevi poezije in vina (Days of Wine and Poetry) festival in Slovenia, seizing the opportunity for a collaboration with Gregor. At the festival, much excellent wine was consumed and Gregor provided the slovene translations of Zoë's poems, which were also recorded and appear in part on Parking Non-Stop's split vinyl LP on the Pure Pop For Now People label.

Gregor Podlogar is pictured here (left) with Zoë at the Dnevi poezije in vina, Medana, Slovenia 30th August 2008.


Parking Non-Stop spent much of 2005 involved in collaboration with other artists. In April, Alan and Zoë visited Dutch writer Bas Kromhout at his home in Den Haag, where they recorded various household appliances in his flat. Recordings of Bas's refrigerator and gas fire were then interwoven with sounds from PN-S's own plumbing system to create an international domestic symphony. This was then overlaid with some of Dewi's most cinematic string arrangements, along with Bas's reading of J.C. Bloem's poem "Altjid November" and Zoë's responses to the poem. The resulting piece appeared on the Parking Non-Stop album Species Corridor.

Bas Kromhout is pictured here (right) with Alan outside the International Court at The Hague, 6th April 2005.

bas with alan

zlatan persic

The following month, they headed off to Bosnia to appear at the Sarajevski Dani Poezije festival in Sarajevo. Here, Zoë's texts were translated into Bosnian by the poets Mario Hibert and Islada Sertovic and performed bilingually at the festival by the writer Zlatan Persic with Parking Non-Stop. Recordings of the extended work "Formula For A New City" read in Bosnian by Zlatan Persic were made later that week in the park immediately adjacent to the site where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28th 1914.

Zlatan Persic, pictured left ,at Hotel Bosnia, Sarajevo, 16th May 2005

Dewi, meanwhile was busy collaborating with performance artist Eddie Ladd in productions in Madrid, Montreal, Ljubljana and La Norville (near Paris), where he managed to slip in an extra Parking Non-Stop performance.

Back on home territory, the full 3-piece Parking Non-Stop continued their series of collaborations by improvising a live accompaniment to a performance by the renowned Welsh poet Robert Minhinnick, as well as performing their own set, at Llandudno town hall on the 12th of July.


October 2004 brought about an interesting collaboration when Parking Non-Stop performed at the Ars Poetica festival in Bratislava,Slovakia where they were joined on stage by the noted Slovak actress Tana Pauhofova, who performed the Slovak versions of the texts, as translated by the poet Martin Solotruk. Visual contributions were provided in the form of digital projections by the graphic artist Jan Sicko.

Tana Pauhofova is pictured here (right) on stage at the Ars Poetica festival at Studio 12, Bratislava, 1st October 2004

tana pauhofova

annie stubbs

In a further ongoing collaboration, they continued working with Annie Stubbs from London wicca group Devotion. One completed piece took the form of an evocative homage to the mythical Lorelei of Germanic folklore, featuring a quite otherworldly vocal performance from Annie, and is set to appear on a forthcoming album of her recent work. She is perhaps best known as a one-time member of pioneering industrialists SPK, and has also worked with Lustmord, The Long Decline, The Zuggs, 11th Hour, Blow By Blow, The Dekorators, Aquarelle, Pillow Talk and The Ominous Dr Clip-Clop (amongst others).

Annie Stubbs, pictured (left) at PN-S HQ, 1st June 2004

New Word Order / Archaeology Of Coincidence

During 2004 Parking Non-Stop participated in two multi-media events under the title "New Word Order". in collaboration with poet Ian Davidson. The performances, at Bangor's Theatr Gwynedd on March 1st and Camden People's Theatre in London on March 13th, featured live and pre-recorded music and sound from Parking Non-Stop together with collaborative poetry and films from Zoë and Ian.

These followed on from the"Archaeology of Coincidence" event at the Ucheldre Arts Centre in Holyhead (Anglesey, North Wales) on Friday 21st February 2003. That event took the form of a multimedia performance featuring words and sculpture from Ian Davidson and Wanda Zyborska together with a special 3D SurroundSound audio experience from Parking Non-Stop, incorporating a selection of recent field recordings made on the island woven into the fabric of their latest compositions. Zoë also took part in the performance of a collaborative poem she and Ian had written over the preceding weeks exclusively for the event.

In the words of Ian Davidson:

"This project involves the development of a multi media response to the topography of Ynys Mon / Anglesey. It will produce verbal, sonic and visual artworks; poems, video, music, photographs and drawings. The project's art based activities will be guided by an understanding of the ways in which places and spaces are socially and historically constructed. It will explore the ways in which social and cultural power and influence is established and maintained, and ask questions about the landscapes we see every day. The theoretical and aesthetic background to the project involves a vision of Ynys Mon as a multi layered landscape, crossed by roads and railway lines, mapped by the big estates and by the church, by language and culture, by environmentalists. Traces of previous cultures remain, some of the oldest in the world, side by side with modern means of communication and mapping the landscape. Through connecting with archaeological digs, and seeing them as a time based activity which temporarily exposes the past and locates it within the present, further layers are added. Textual practice and visual artworks alone cannot adequately represent this complexity. Digital media can. The project will produce a range of artworks which could exist in isolation, including poems and other texts, drawings and paintings, musical pieces, photographs and video and site specific responses."

ian davidson

Ian Davidson at Schiphorst, Germany, 19th September 2005

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