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Recording Locations


Zoë in the Den Haag flat where various appliances were recorded as featured on the track November, 6th April 2005

Salle Pablo Picasso, La Norville

In March 2005, Dewi made the first of several visits to the small French town of La Norville. In order to balance the performances Alan and Zoë had recently given without Dewi, they presented him with a selection of field recordings and musical and vocal elements which he then fashioned into a suite of musical pieces. He then performed it live at the Salle Pablo Picasso. The approach resulted in quite a different type of music, but one which still bore the distinct stamp of Parking Non-Stop.

Den Haag, Netherlands

When visiting their friend and collaborator Bas Kromhout in his flat in Den Haag. Alan and Zoë noticed that several of his household appliances made quite loud and interesting droning sounds. The gas fire was recorded, as was the refrigerator (front and rear) and the recordings were later combined with recordings of PN-S HQ's own plumbing system to create the household symphony of November on Species Corridor. Appropriately, Bas also contributed vocals to the track.

The Old Town,Sarajevo

Whilst exploring Sarajevo's historical centre prior to performing at the Café Karabit, Zoë and Alan made a variety of recordings, including some metallic percussion sounds courtesy of a group of traditional metalsmiths and sounds of busy traffic at the very point on the Obala Kulina Bana where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914.

Karabit Café / Buybook bookshop, Sarajevo

Parking Non-Stop were invited by the Association of Writers of Bosnia-Herzegovina to give a performance in Sarajevo as part of the Sarajevski Dani Poezije. Again Dewi was only able to be present in a virtual capacity, but Alan and Zoë were joined on stage at the Caffee Karabit in Sarajevo by Bosnian writer Zlatan Persic, who performed the Bosnian texts, as translated by Mario Hibert and Islada Sertovic.Together, they performed an extended version of "Formula For A New City", together with 4 shorter pieces.

Chess game, Mostar, Herzegovina

A lively outdoor chess game provided some unique local ambience in the Herzegovinan capital.

Tekija, Blagaj, Herzegovina

Travelling betwen Mostar and Sarajevo, Alan and Zoë stopped off at this 16th century Dervish house/monastery or tekija, built at the point where an underground karst river flows dramatically out of a 200m cliff wall to form the Buna River. Recordings were made of the swirling blue-green waters emerging from the cave.



Alan recording at the site of Franz Ferdinand's assassination, Sarajevo 13th May 2005

Outdoor chess game, Mostar 14th May 2005

Park, Sarajevo

Before leaving Bosnia-Herzogovina, Zoë and Alan made recordings of Zlatan Persic reading the Bosnian texts for "Formula For A New City" in a small park on the southern bank of the Mijacka, near the centre of the old town in Sarajevo.

Town Hall, Llandudno

Parking Non-Stop were invited to give an afternoon performance as part of the 2005 Llandudno festival, just half an hour's drive from their North Wales base. Alan and Dewi first provided the sonic setting for Zoë's "Formula For A New City" sequence before all three PN-S members performed a 20 minute improvisation around a reading by renowned Welsh writer Robert Minhinnick.

The largely elderly audience were somewhat bemused by the event.

Green Man Festival, Baskerville Hall, Hay-On-Wye

Alan and Zoë returned to Baskerville Hall almost exactly a year after their previous appearance there to reprise their extended work Formula For A New City at the 2005 Green Man festival. Dewi again was unable to appear due to commitments elsewhere

RER Train, between Notre Dame Saint-Michel and La Défense, Paris

Whilst still in France, Dewi took the opportunity to add to Parking Non-Stop's growing collection of international rail announcements.

Browsing cheese in Delft, Netherlands 6th April 2005

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