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Here you will find a few Parking Non-Stop and related items that we have for sale. Payment can be made by various methods: PayPal, bank transfer, cash in letter, bartering etc... we don't have shopping baskets, 'buy' buttons or suchlike because we're not a business and anyway we much prefer more personal contact. The most straight-forward is PayPal - if you wish to pay this way, just send payment to the address at the bottom of this page stating which item(s) you want, together with the address to send them to. For any other method of payment, just drop us an email to the same address and we will reserve the item for you and arrange whatever form of payment best suits you.





Cost (in GBP)


Parking Non-Stop / Temple of the Beeheads - Split LP

Parking Non-Stop's latest release is a split vinyl LP with the excellent German group Temple of the Beeheads, released on the Pure Pop For Now People label in January 2010. The pressing is strictly limited to 100 individually numbered copies, each housed in a handmade sleeve.

Note that due to high postal rates for vinyl, customers in Germany and other parts of mainland Europe may find it more economic to buy directly from the label.

Further details can be found HERE



UK   £2.00
Europe   £4.00
World   £7.00

Parking Non-Stop - Species Corridor

Parking Non-Stop's debut album "Species Corridor" was released on the Klangbad label in August 2008. Over the course of 14 tracks, the group weave together eight years's worth of field recordings made around Europe with more conventional instrumentation to create a melodious sixty six minute tapestry of travel.

Further details can be found HERE



UK   £1.00
Europe   £2.00
World   £5.00

Zoë Skoulding - You Will Live in Your Own Cathedral

Published to coincide with Zoë and Alan's appearance at the 2009 Berlin Poetry Festival, this beautiful 32 page booklet features five poems from Zoë's Remains of a Future City collection, with German translations by Monika Rinck and Nicholas Grindell and Czech translations by Eva Klimentova. There are photographs of Prague by Richard Hopewell and of Berlin and Bangor by Huw Jones.

The accompanying CD features readings of all the poems by Zoë (English), Alexandra Büchler (Czech) and Monika Rinck (German) set in a sound collage assembled by Alan from PN-S's collection of field recordings from Wales, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Further details can be found HERE


& CD

UK   £1.50
Europe   £2.50
World   £5.00

Parking Non-Stop - Remains of a Future City

A composite recording of two live performances at festivals a week apart in June 2008. The first being from the Nødutgang Festival in Bodø, Norway, where Zoë and Alan were joined on stage by Norwegian sound artist Lasse Jensen, with Norwegian translations of Zoë's texts by Arne Østring read by Ronny Wærnes and the second from Manchester, where Parking Non-Stop played at the Territories Reimagined: International Perspectives psychogeography festival.

The recording comes as a zip file complete with cover artwork and can be downloaded HERE



UK   £0.00
Europe   £0.00
World   £0.00

Various Artists - Klangbad Festival 2007

Parking Non-Stop's "Crystalline" can be found on the Klangbad CD compilation "Klangbad Festival 2007" which features selected tracks from 19 of the artists who played at the Klangbad Festival in Scheer, southern Germany in August 2007. The full artist line-up is:

Nista Nije Nista / Aqua Nebula Oscillator / Mose / Ectogram / The Nightingales / DAAU / Lance Flamme / Atrox / Imatran Voima / Knarf Rellöm / Circle / Naked Lunch / Frank Wegling & Petty Thefts / Parking Non-stop / Pharaoh Overlord / The Great Release / Peckinpahs / Uské Orchestra / 27#11



UK   £1.00
Europe   £2.00
World   £5.00

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