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Recording Locations


Gwydr Forest, north Wales

During a wintry walk in the Gwydr forest near Betws y Coed in North Wales, Alan and Zoë came upon a frozen lake. The creaking sound that resulted from walking over the ice was duly recorded.

St Clement's Church, Chorlton

Parking Non-Stop were invited to perform at one of the Burst Couch collective's series of evenings featuring experimental and electronic music, usually held in churches in the greater Manchester area. As usual the performance was recorded and filmed for the PN-S archives. The footage should appear on this site sometime soon.

Alan on a frozen lake, Gwydr Forest 4th January 2009

Zoë in Nowa Huta, 28th March 2009

Nowa Huta, Poland

Zoë and Alan visited the communist era showcase industrial city of Nowa Huta, one of only two Soviet ideal cities ever to be realized (the other being Magnitogorsk in the Russian Urals) and made a film travelling down Aleja Solidarności (formerly Aleja Lenina) from the hilariously renamed Plac Ronalda Reagana (previously Plac Józefa Stalina) to the gates of the gargantuan Vladimir Lenin steel works

Alan outside the former Vladimir Lenin Steelworks in Nowa Huta, 28th March 2009

Krakow, Poland

Zoë spent a week in Krakow collaborating with a group of international women poets on the Metropoetica project. At the end of the week, Alan flew over to join her for the weekend and several recordings were made, including one of an open air late night Catholic mass in the rainy back streets of the old town centre.

Alan buying a colourful local instrument from a colourful street vender in Krakow town square, 30th March 2009


Electical insulators used to create a percussion track on You Will Live in Your Own Cathedral, 19th May 2009

Melin Cadnant / Llandegfan, Anglesey

While walking around the locale one fine late Spring day, Alan chanced upon a pile of glass and ceramic electrical insulators left next to an electrical substation. Examining them more closely, he found that they made an interesting noise when moved against each other. This was, of course, recorded and can be heard on the CD that comes with the You Will Live in Your Own Cathedral book. The same walk also yielded recordings of the rushing waters at the old mill at Melin Cadnant, various rhythms played on a discarded half beer keg and some tricky close recordings of a series of beehives.

Völkerschlachtdenkmal, near Leipzig, Germany

En route between playing concerts in Leipzig and Berlin. the group's guide and tour manager Henning Küpper suggested a sightseeing stop at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal, the largest monument in Europe. Although there wasn't a lot of sound to record there, the group made some useful video recordings for future use at this most impressive monument.

Alan returns to 157 Potsdamerstraße, Berlin, the site of his first ever performance outside the UK (on 19th August 1988), 2nd July 2009

Alan at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal 4th July 2009

Wasserturm, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

While in eastern Germany for the Berlin Poetry festival and a couple of Parking Non-Stop concerts, PN-S were contacted by the radio journalist Michael Hillebrecht, who wanted to make a radio programme about the group. Michael suggested that he might record PN-S making their recordings in addition to interviewing them. He suggested that the Wasserturm (or Water Tower) in Prenzlauer Berg might have some interesting acoustics and arranged access to the building. As Zoë had recently been experimenting with using wine glasses filled with different amounts of liquid at live shows, it was decided that that might be a fruitful approach. A Berlin friend supplied a box of wine glasses and the recordings were duly made.


Zoë recording singing wine glasses inside the wasserturm, Prenzlauer Berg, 5th July 2009

Social Realist statue in Café Sibylle, Karl Marx Allee, Berlin 6th July 2009

Zoë waiting for a coffee outside Café Sibylle, Karl Marx Allee, Berlin 6th July 2009

Café Sibylle, Karl Marx Allee, Berlin

Before leaving Berlin, Alan and Zoë stopped off for a coffee and a little ostalgia at Café Sibylle on Karl Marx Allee (formerly Stalin Allee) in Friedrichsheim. The café not only sells excellent coffee and cake but also doubles up as a museum to the heyday of the DDR and contains many fascinating exhibits, and even a social realist statue or two.

The Death Factory, 10 Martello Street, Hackney, London

Parking Non-Stop were in London to play at the Drones Club's fifth birthday party alongside their German friends S/T. While visiting their friend and collaborator Andy Wilson in his Hackney flat, Alan took a small detour to make further recordings at 10 Martello Street, the site of one of Parking Non-Stop's biggest influences Throbbing Gristle's studios, and head office of the legendary Industrial Records.

The Death Factory, 10 Martello Street, Hackney 18th July 2009

Zoë talking to the German poet Jan Wagner in Bratislava, 8th October 2009

Bratislava, Slovakia

Zoë and Alan were invited back to Bratislava to perform again at the Ars Poetica festival, where they had previously played back in October 2004. On this occasion, their old friend and collaborator Ian Davidson was also reading at the festival, as was the german poet Jan Wagner, who they had previously met in Slovenia at the 2008 Dnevi poezije in vina festival. During the course of their stay in the city, they managed to make several recordings and films, including documenting the invasion of the town centre by Slovenian football fans for the World Cup qualifying Slovakia vs Slovenia match.

Smithfield Horse Market, Dublin, Ireland

In Dublin for a couple of days for an appearance by Zoë at wurmfest , a Sonic Youth gig and to meet up with their old friend John Kealy, Zoë and Alan chanced upon a horse market in a city square near their hotel. The chaotic atmosphere of hordes of young out-of-towners racing dishevelled ponies up and down the cobbled square was duly caught on video.

While in Dublin, they also recorded the disturbingly loud heating system in their hotel room, which hummed at such an industrial level throughout the night that it virtually prohibited conversation.

Church of St Michael and All Angels, Broome, Norfolk

Having discovered some technical problems with the recordings they made using the organ of Broome church on Christmas Day 2008, Zoë and Alan returned to the same location precisely one year later to make some further recordings using the small village church's characteristic hand-pumped pipe organ.

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