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Recording Locations


RAF Bomb Depot, Llanberis, North Wales

Along with members of the Ointment Collective from West Wales, Parking Non-Stop spent a cold February in the subterranean labyrinth of the old WWII RAF bomb depot in Llanberis. The surviving part of the bomb depot comprises 18 huge concrete chambers on two levels. Apart from the one chamber that houses the entrance, it is pitch black throughout and acoustically has an incredibly long reverb tail, which yielded a considerable amount of interesting and unique recordings.
Parking Non-Stop donated some of the recordings to Andy Wilson, who constructed an entire piece out of them on his 2008 LP The Grand Erector. Further recordings from the bomb depot were used on the track Cold Star on the Parking Non-Stop / Temple of the Beeheads split LP and also on the CD that comes with the You Will Live in Your Own Cathedral book.


The entrance (and only source of light) to the Llanberis bomb depot, pictured 9th February 2007

The descent to the bomb depot, 9th February 2007

Zoë browsing fine Belgian beers, Brugge 25th July 2007

Prague International Book Fair, Prague

Zoë was invited to participate in a panel discussion at the Prague International Book Fair at the Industrial Palace at Prague Exhibition Ground. Tying in with the fair, Zoë and Alan were also invited to perform at an event at Studio Rubin in Mala Straná featuring several international poets, including such wonderful figures as Leevi Lehto from Finland and Eduard Escoffet from Catalonia. They invited their friend Martin Zet to join them and he turned up with a handful of his films on dvd and a pile of texts. The resulting collaboration was great fun with Zoë and Martin's textual interplay set off with Alan's improvised soundscapes and Martin's abstract projections.
Further details and pictures can be found on the live page here.

Jiřího z Poděbrad, Prague

Alan returned once again to PN-S's very favourite Prague metro station in order to take the photographs that would be used on the cover of the Species Corridor album.

Jiřího z Poděbrad, 5th May 2007


Zoë in Prague 5th 2007


Avant Garde Festival, Schiphorst

Zoë was invited to perform at the annual Schiphorst Avant Garde Festival in northern Germany by the organiser Jean-Hervé Peron. Jean-Hervé suggested that it would be interesting for her to perform in collaboration with the Norwegian noise artist Ronny Wærnes, who she had not met at the time. Upon arriving at the festival and meeting Ronny, they decided to also invite their mutual friend Andy Wilson to join in the fun. In the event, things went so well that all three have been regular collaborators ever since.



Zoë performing with Ronny Wærnes and Andy Wilson at Schiphorst, 27th July 2007

Zoë and Ronny Wærnes improvise some late night rhythms in Schiphorst, 30th July 2007

Schleswig, northern Germany

Following the Avant-Garde Festival, Zoë and Alan travelled up through Schleswig-Holstein in the very north of Germany to the watery town of Schlesvig, near the Danish border. Here they drank the local viking-style beer and made some recordings in the 12th century gothic Schleswiger Dom.

Hildesheim, Germany

In order to complement the Schleswiger Dom recordings, Zoë and Alan travelled several hundred kilometres south the following day to lower Saxony and the famous early Romanesque 11th century St Michael's Church in Hildesheim. Further reverb-drenched ambience was captured..

Klangbad Festival, Scheer, Germany

Parking Non-Stop returned to Scheer in southern Germany for the annual Klangbad festival on the banks of the Danube, this time to perform themselves. Further details and photos can be seen on the appropriate live page here.


Zoë in Schleswig, 31st July 2007

St Michael's church in Hildesheim, 1st August 2007


Zoë in Schleswig, 31st July 2007

Arcades / Passages Couverts de Paris

Having long been hugely influenced by Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project a brief trip to Paris for the Spectrum XXI festival of spectral music proved an ideal opportunity to visit the Arcades and to make a film within the 19th Century series of covered passages.

Rue Git le Coeur, Paris

Having long been hugely influenced by William Burroughs's Ghosts at Number 9 film, a brief trip to Paris for the Spectrum XXI festival of spectral music proved an ideal opportunity to revisit Rue Git le Coeur and to make a film entirely within the confines of that tiny back street. Number 9 itself is still a hotel, but appears to be a little more upmarket than it must have been when Burroughs lived there.


Zoë in the Paris arcades, 3rd November 2007

Martin Zet crushing asprin in Newcastle, 27th October 2007




Parking Non-Stop's old friend and collaborator Martin Zet was in the UK to carry out an artist residency in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. They travelled up to meet him and saw an installation he had made in a town centre shop before filming an intervention where he crushed up aspirin on the city pavement, mixed it with water and then used a syringe to propell the resulting white sludge at the city's pigeons as they roosted beneath one of the Tyne bridges.

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