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Recording Locations


Zoë in Buchenwald, Eastern Germany, August 2000

Wern-Y-Wylan woods, Anglesey

General woodland ambience was recorded here during a pleasant afternoon stroll, along with some fairly disturbing canine sounds.

Moel Siabod

The recordings made high up on the Southern slopes of this imposing but little-visited mountain near Capel Curig in Snowdonia provide the rhythm tracks for the vast majority of Parking Non-Stop's music. In search of a uniquely Welsh sound, members of the collective spent a May afternoon high on the slopes of Moel Siabod recording the impact sounds of slate upon slate and have built up a library of slate percussion sounds which serve them well to this day.

Ghost Garden & Dog's Graveyard, Portmeirion

Further percussion sounds were captured in this strange woodland garden in Portmeirion, best known as a set for cult 60s TV series "The Prisoner", where the strong winds cause the exotic species of trees to knock their branches together and rustle their leaves in a ghostly manner, giving the garden its name


A further visit to another Snowdonia quarry supplemented the collective's library of slate percussion.

Ghosts' Graveyard, Portmeirion, 11th June 2000

Bryn Celli Du burial chamber

This important Neolithic burial chamber lies a mere hour's walk from PN-S HQ. When members of the collective visited the chamber to record a duet for Tibetan singing bowl and Bul Bul Tarang, they found the mound occupied by a group of German tourists (who they recorded). After the Germans left, they recorded the intended music, only to be interrupted by a family of French tourists, who, needless to say, were also captured on disc.

Externsteine, 14th August 2000

Alan in the Gory Stolowe mountains, S.W. Poland, 21st August 2000

Externsteine, Germany

This remarkable and mysterious series of enigmatic rock pillars in Germany's northern Teutoburger Wald is often described as Germany's Stonehenge and similarly is thought by some to be an ancient solar observatory. Members of Parking Non-Stop visited the site whilst paying a visit to their friend Thomas Gutthmann, who at the time lived in nearby Bielefeld.

Prenzlauerberg, Berlin

On the final day of a brief visit to Berlin, members of Parking Non-Stop were relaxing in a bar in Prenzlauerberg in the former East, when they chanced upon the great poet The Earl and Duke of Leitmoritz, who joined them for a vermouth and wrote and recorded the text to "Zero In Grimaldi's Playing".

Karpacz, Sudetan Mountains, S.W. Poland

Whilst enjoying a Polish vodka or two in a bar in the mountain resort of Karpacz, members of Parking Non-Stop recorded some general Sudetan bar ambience.

Gory Stolowe mountains, S.W. Poland

This series of fantastic rock formations is one of the most impressive sights in the Sudetes. The magical landscape was formed when the dominant soft sandstone was eroded, leaving the harder rocks behind. Lush vegetation adds further colour and the whole remarkable scenery was captured by members of Parking Non-Stop on disc during a stiff and exhilarating walk to the plateau summit.

Jacques Brel museum, Brussels

Whilst visiting a journalist acquaintance in Brussels, members of the collective made recordings in this museum to the great Jacques Brel, one of Parking Non-Stop's greatest influences.

Menai Bridge Fair

Well it's only down the road


Zoë at the Jacques Brel Museum, Brussels, 26th August 2000

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